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Delactosed Whey Powder

MEGGLE Business Unit Feed Ingredients is specialist in producing high grade partly-delactosed whey powders.

Our Feed products are the result of comprehensive laboratory-technical and practical attempts and fulfill highest demands of quality. The strength of MEGGLE is thereby the combination of decades of experience and newest scientific findings.

What is delactosed whey powder?

Partly-delactosed whey powders are ideal components for the application in milkreplacer and compound feeds. In addition, for the application in the pet food industry and in feeds for small animals, partly-delactosed whey powders of MEGGLE represent a high-quality protein component.

Production and composition: The main ingredients of whey are lactose, whey protein (albumin and lactoglobulin) as well as milk minerals. Partly delactosed whey powders from MEGGLE are free-flowing and have the particular distinction of low hygroscopicity. The bright whiteness is an indication of low heat damage and guarantees a high solubility.

The protein originates excklusively from whey. Due to the particular composition of its amino acids it offers the possibility of improving the biological value of the final products total protein. A significant factor is the high contetn of lysine and methoioine (+ cysteine).

This guarantees optimum growth and yield. The carbohydrate is lactose (milk sugar) providing a source of long-term energy by its slow separation.

Partly delactosed whey powder contains natural milk minerals and trace elements, which can easily be ingested by the animal.

Our product range of Feed Ingredients:

Product Composition Application Packaging
Protein Lactose Ash
Animat 26 % 42 % 17 % In milk replacer and compound feed for:
  • Calves
  • lambs and
  • piglets
  • Paper Bag
  • Big Bag (1.000 kg)
  • Bulk (Silo)
  • Concentrate (40%)
Anilac 22 % 42 % 24 % in milk replacer for:
  • The fattening and rearing of calves
  • The rearing of lambs and piglets
In compound feed for:
  • Piglets
  • Fish
  • Young horses
  • Paper Bag
  • Big Bag (1.000 kg)
  • Bulk (Silo)
(with 20% vegetable fat and formic acid)
18 % 35 18 % For all types of milk replacer and compound feeds
  • In sour and storage feeds
  • In calf and piglet rearing
  • Paper Bag
  • Big Bag(1.000 kg)
  • Bulk (Silo)
Permeat 6 % 57 % 25 % In supplementary feeds for suckling piglets and piglet rearing feeds and milk replacers.
  • Paper Bag
  • Big Bag(1.000 kg)
  • Bulk (Silo)
  • Concentrate (30 %, 50%)

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    Quality commitment & certifications

    Outstanding quality of the formula components significantly improves the milk replacer and compound feed. With the delactosed whey powders from MEGGLE, you are relying on high-quality formula ingredients with an extra-high whey protein content.

    The material and its production comply with the relevant feed law regulations of the EU and Germany as amended. Various certifications guarantee the maintenance of our quality standards:

    ☘️ HACCP System
    ☘️ Method for checking undesired substances
    ☘️ Ensuring traceability
    ☘️ No labeling obligation
    ☘️ GMO free
    ☘️ QS certification (GMP+)

    We look forward to convincing you with solid know-how, creative solutions, competent service and first-class product quality.

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