Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing


MEGGLE stands for tradition, innovation, quality and success. Business partners and customers around the world appreciate the outstanding quality and our attractive range of high-quality products and services. Our own products are based mainly on the raw materials milk and whey and are used in a wide variety of foods.

With the help of our many years of experience and state-of-the-art production facilities, we also provide an all-round toll manufacturing service for numerous customers in the food, life science and pharmaceutical industries. We accompany you during development and production, offer you a customized individual solution and realize your customer request, no matter how unusual it may be. Competent support and intensive service from the first meeting to reliable delivery are a matter of course for us.


You can expect the highest quality in contract manufacturing! Whether in the food, pharmaceutical or life science sectors, you can rely on maximum competence in agglomeration, spray drying and drying. Maximum Quality Assurance is always and everywhere the top priority in our toll processing – this is how we can meet even the highest demands.

This is also confirmed by our certifications:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • process or cleaning validation for pharmaceutical products


We have the best technical background and years of expertise in contract manufacturing. The following processes, equipment and services are available to you at MEGGLE:


Our spray drying technology for powder drying or general drying processes especially comprises mixing / dispersion of various substances (liquids / powders). We can also offer you various processing options such as heating, homogenizing or cooling. Our very state of the art spray drying towers with external fluid beds fulfill all GMP requirements and are equipped with jet dispersion nozzles working at up to 250 bar pressure. We can optionally do partial agglomeration or post-agglomeration of the fine material and the following cooling via the fluid beds. When spray drying, water evaporation can be performed at between 1200 kg/h and 3000 kg/h and the product range stretches from food to feed to pharma. The minimum quantity for our services starts from 10 tons and packaging is possible either in paper bags and fiber drums in 15 to 25 kg pack sizes or in big bags with 500 to 1000 kg pack sizes.

Productions facilities: 8 spray dryers

• Agglomeration by nozzle atomization of solutions, dispersions and emulsions
• up to 250 bar

Product properties:
• Improvement of powder properties
• Improvement of dispersibility
• Increase of PSD

Leistung: 1200 – 3000 kg/h

Additional technology:
• Konditionierung durch externes Fließbett möglich (trocknen / kühlen).
• Homogenisierung

Minimum quantities: 10 tons

• Paper bags: 15 – 25 kg
• Big Bag: 500 – 1000 kg


You would like to modify the size of the fine particles in order to improve the powder characteristics or the handling of the bulk material? Within our agglomeration process we are able to mix up to three powdery substances continuously. Wet agglomeration is carried out with subsequent fluid bed drying. Also, in the context of the agglomeration process, fractioning of the finished product is possible. We do this by using a continuous fluid bed drying process for drying fluidizable products and a continuous high shear mixing process for the production of agglomerated products. The minimum quantity for agglomeration orders is 100 tons. Filling can be done in paper bags with sizes of 15 to 25 kg or in big bags with sizes of 500 to 1000 kg.

Production facilities: 5 Fluid bed dryers

•  High-shear mixer with downstream fluid bed drying

Product properties:
• Improvement of powder properties
• Increase of PSD

additive technology:
• up to three substances
• Continuously mixable

Minimum quantities: 100 tons

• Paper bags: 15 – 25 kg
• BigBag: 500 – 1000 kg


For the thermal process of concentrating a suspension or solution through evaporation we use a falling-film evaporator with mechanical/thermal vapor recompression.
We offer this service from a minimum volume of 100 000 l of water evaporation.

Production facilities: 10 evaporators

• Removal of water
• Falling-film evaporation with mechanical/thermal vapor recompression.

Product properties:
• Concentration

Capacity: 10,000 l / h


In the course of toll and contract manufacturing we offer some interesting additional services: Like no other, we have extensive possibilities for chemical and/or physical analytics, all options for SEM/DVS/laser diffractometry/BET/HPLC/FT4 (rheometry), comprehensive logistics services – including GDP storage and organization of transportation – and also competent assistance with process design.

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