Fat powders and whipping agents for the use in sweet bakery applications and desserts

MEGGLE`s standardised high functional compounds and raw materials refine your pastry, sweet applications and hot beverages. Our ingredients provides functionality and guarantee a stable and efficient process flow.

Common applications:

  • Cake filling and decoration cream
  • Emulsifiers for pastry products
  • Egg substitution and egg reduction
  • Glazing agents
  • Cold-cream and custard cream
  • Hot beverages

Product groups

Fat powder, BAKING EMULSIFIER, Whipping agents, coffee whiteners and foamers and Milk protein specialities

Fat powder

With the products Edifett® and Burolac® we deliver good tasting creamers with advantages in functionality and price.


The products Edifett® EMUL and Edifett® SCP offer you best functionality for your baked goods.

Whipping agents

Our Edifett® HWP products provide an innovative portfolio of whipping agents for desserts and cake decorations.

coffee whiteners and foamers

Our non-dairy coffee whiteners are applicable as a milk substitute in hot beverages. Additionally we offer you high-performance foamers to create a stable foam on the surface.
Application of Burolac Glaze 001 on croissants before baking

Milk protein specialities

We also support your application with our range of highly functional milk proteins. Our wide range offers you solutions for egg substitution to glazing agents.


Compounds and ingredients for the food industry

Based on the raw materials skimmed milk and whey MEGGLE produces commodities for different applications within the food industry. The product segment includes Casein, Caseinate, Lactose, WPC, MPC and Fondolac.

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