Quality, Know-how and Innovation

Quality, Know-how and Innovation

That is what the name MEGGLE stands for – since more than 130 years. It all started with a small cheese dairy in upper Bavaria near the Alps. Today the company has become a global organization with sites, representatives and customers all over the world. The headquarter of our company is still in Wasserburg am Inn, where it all began. Our long-term expertise in processing of milk and whey is our strength. 2500 employees worldwide do their utmost every day to improve still further. Our experts offer you individualized solutions and make every effort to ensure that your product will be a success.


New Products in our Whipping Agent Portfolio

Based on non-hydrogenated palm oil we have developed two new whipping agents: Edifett HWP 037 & Edifett HWP 041. Beside of high overrun and excellent foam stability the products offers also a pleasant creamy flavour and mouthfeel. The products can be used in various applications like Crème Chantilly, aerated desserts, cake filling and decoration creams. Please feel free to contact us if you need further information. We look forward to hear from you!

MILBACK 24 – An excellent choice for your fine baked goods

The compound of milk and whey ingredients with 24% milk fat is an excellent choice for your fine baked goods. The product is characterized by its very good solubility and water retention. At the same time it enhances taste and aroma and gives the products an even browning.
MILBACK 24 can be used for a variety of applications. Please contact us for further information!

Edifett F 72 C – Our new fat powder based on coconut oil

A healthy lifestyle is still receiving more and more attention of young and old generations. A big trend for several years now is the vegan and vegetarian diet.
To follow this trend we have developed a new fat powder which is suitable for vegan and vegetarian products. Based on non-hydrogenated coconut oil we have created a new product, called Edifett F 72 C. Another huge benefit is, that this product is without palm oil. The product has a neutral taste and can be used in various applications, like cold creams, custard and pastry applications and artisan ice cream. Please contact us to get more information!