Buttermilk powder


Buttermilk powder

Application: Savoury, Bakery, Dairy

MEGGLE´s Buttermilk powder is due to its pure and fresh taste suitable for numerous applications.

Buttermilk powder is manufactured from pasteurized, sweet and fresh buttermilk by evaporation and spray drying. The buttermilk is freshly derived from our own butter production.

Characteristics and Benefits:

  • Substitution of skimmed milk powder
  • Suitable for sweet applications like desserts, ice cream and chocolate
  • Suitable for savoury applications like soups, sauces and convenience food
  • Suitable for bakery and pastry products
  • Very good solubility
  • Easy to handle and store
  • Enhanced emulsification compared to skimmed milk powder or lactose
  • Clean label declaration possible

Buttermilk powder

Shelf life Origin Characteristics Certification
kosher halal
Buttermilk Powder 12 M GER -

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