Buttermilk powder


Buttermilk powder

Application: Savoury, Bakery, Dairy

Why is buttermilk such a valuable ingredient for the food processing industry?

Buttermilk is rich in phospholipids. These protect the fat globules respectively the liquid fat core in the milk.

During the so-called churning process, the membrane (= protective coating) of the fat globules gets broken in order to reach the liquid fat core. In the process, the phospholipids are dispersed in the liquid. The resulting butter granules are then separated from the buttermilk and further processed into butter.

The by-product buttermilk therefore contains three to four times more phospholipids than whole milk and even eight times more than skimmed milk.

MEGGLE´s buttermilk powder 

Due to its pure and fresh taste it is suitable for numerous applications like desserts, ice cream and chocolate but also for savoury applications like soups, sauces and convenience food. Our pasteurized and sweet buttermilk is freshly derived from our own butter production. The Powder is manufactured by evaporation and spray drying.


Characteristics and Benefits:

  • Substitution of skimmed milk powder
  • Suitable for sweet applications like desserts, ice cream and chocolate
  • Suitable for savoury applications like soups, sauces and convenience food
  • Suitable for bakery and pastry products
  • Very good solubility
  • Easy to handle and store
  • Enhanced emulsification compared to skimmed milk powder or lactose
  • Clean label declaration possible

What is it about phospholipids?

Phospholipids, due to their properties as an interfacial active substance, act as an excellent emulsifier, stabilizer and great dispersant. For optimal functionality, only a small dosage is needed and as a natural ingredient, buttermilk powder has no E-numbers.


Buttermilk powder

Shelf life Origin Characteristics Certification
kosher halal
Buttermilk Powder 12 M GER -

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