Fat powder


Fat powder


Our high functional creamers are an excellent base for your soups, sauces and bakery goods. In addition to stabilizing properties our Edifett® range also provides whitening ability.

The spray dried emulsions are based on proteins, vegetable fats and carbohydrates.

MEGGLE manufactures a wide range of fat powders according to your requirements.

Characteristics and Benefits:

  • Excellent whitening properties
  • Low content of trans-fatty acids
  • Products with various fat types and carrier systems available
  • Improvement of texture and consequently mouth feel
  • Products for clean label declaration available
  • Acid stable products available
  • Product types with non-hydrogenated fat
  • Products for vegetarian and vegan products available
  • Storage stability
  • Easy to handle
  • Good dispersibility
  • Price optimization


Shelf life Origin Characteristics / Applications Certification
kosher halal
Edifett® F 72 SB HO 15 M GER high-oleic sunflower oil, soups, sauces
Edifett® F 60 P 50 L SG 18 M GER soups, sauces
Edifett® F 60 P/AS SG 18 M GER allergen free, acid stable, soups, sauces
Edifett® N 77 P 50 L SG 18 M GER clean label, standard creamer, soups, sauces
Edifett® P80 P50 G SG 18 M GER fatpowder based on glucose

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