Fat powder


Fat powder


What makes MEGGLE an expert in the fat-based ingredients market?

Over 25 years of experience in the production and application of Edifett® products ensure a large product portfolio of MEGGLE and guarantee a high added value. MEGGLE is constantly developing its in-depth know-how with the help of close cooperation with customers and suppliers as well as active involvement in market trends and innovations. In this process, we always focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

Composition and technical details

Edifett® products consist of vegetable fats, milk components and derivatives such as proteins, whey, buttermilk or skimmed milk, as well as carbohydrates and emulsifiers in various dosages. The products vary in their hydrogenated or non-hydrogenated fat bases, which consist of palm, palm kernel, coconut, sunflower or blends of them. Of course, MEGGLE is also using RSPO certified tropical oils.

The result of these compositions are spray-dried products and product blends that ultimately have a fat content of <20 to 80% and each product meets high quality standards. For example, they are Halal-, Kosher-, IFS-certified and in some cases vegan and RSPO-certified.

The use of this functional creamers extends from applications in bakery products, savory products and the nutrition sector. For example, the fat powders are ideal for the production of soups, dips, cold creams and baking mixtures.

Characteristics and Benefits:

  • Long shelf life
  • Free flowing powder
  • Additional emulsifying capacity
  • Good taste (either milky or neutral)
  • Excellent whitening properties
  • Low content of trans-fatty acids
  • Products with various fat types and carrier systems
  • Improvement of texture and consequently mouth feel
  • Products for clean label declaration
  • Acid stable products
  • Product types with non-hydrogenated fat
  • Products for vegetarian and vegan products
  • Storage stability (freeze and defrost stable)
  • Easy to handle
  • Good dispersibility
  • Price optimization


Shelf life Origin Characteristics / Applications Whitening
Solubility Acid stability Certification
kosher halal
Edifett® F 50 P 50 G SG 24 M GER non-hydrogenated palm fat, ideal for soups and sauces
Edifett® F 60 P 50 L SG 18 M GER non-hydrogenated palm fat, carrier in convenience products (soups, sauces)
Edifett® F 60 P/AS SG 18 M GER non-hydrogenated palm fat, vegan, for acidic application (convenience, soups, sauces)
Edifett® F 65 SB 12 M GER non-hydrogenated sunflower oil, vegan, palmfree, for soups, sauces and acidic application
Edifett® F 72 SB HO 15 M GER non-hydrogenated sunflower oil, palmfree, for soups, sauces, flavoured food and beverages
Edifett® N 77 P 50 L SG 18 M GER non-hydrogenated palm fat, clean label, ideal for instant products (convenience, soups, sauces)
Edifett® P 80 P 50 G SG 18 M GER non-hydrogenated palm fat, low lactose, for convenience products (soups, sauces)

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