Milk protein specialities


Milk protein specialities

Application: BAKERY

Our milk protein specialities (also called milk protein compounds) are versatile in their application and meet different requirements. They consist of differently processed milk proteins and offer standardised and consistent functionality.

Our Burolac® products can be used in pastry products to replace the addition of egg in fine baked goods or, like our Meggle Mulin®, they can be used for making a glazing agent. Our Vinplus®, on the other hand, is used as a clarifying agent for liquids.

Here you will find an application video and interesting details for the use of Burolac® as a glazing agent.

Characteristics and benefits:

  • Enhances browning of pastries
  • High convenience factor
  • Egg replacer (partial or complete)
  • Protein enrichment
  • Easy storage and handling
  • Religious aspects / specific diets
  • Improved look through an even and shiny glaze and browning
  • Microbiological benefits

Milk protein specialities

Shelf life Origin Characteristics / Application Certification
kosher halal
Burolac® SM 18 M GER egg replacer for bakery products
Burolac® SM 801 18 M GER egg replacer for bakery products
Burolac® Glaze 001 24 M GER glazing agent for industrial production, clean label declaration
Meggle Mulin® 24 M GER glazing agent for industrial production
Vinplus® 36 M GER clarification of liquids, f.e. wine, juices

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