Application: Dairy, Nutrition

MEGGLE´s MTM-range offers high-quality protein-compounds for the functional use in dairy products as stabiliser or nutritive protein enrichment. Beside our know-how for efficient use, we offer a high level of customer orientation and customer-specific products.


An overview of all our MEGGLE MTM® products and their applications and characteristics in final application can be downloaded here.

Characteristics and benefits:

  • Increase in viscosity
  • Prevention of syneresis
  • Good water binding properties
  • Smooth texture
  • Creamy mouthfeel
  • Silky shiny surface
  • Improved storage stability
  • Easy to use
  • Clean Label


Shelf life Origin Characteristics / Application Certification
kosher halal
MTM® CF 001 D 18 M GER especially for "white cheese" and high viscosity yoghurt
MTM® M 105 12 M GER stirred yoghurt, possible for high-protein yoghurt
MTM® M 84 18 M GER sports and medical nutrition, protein enrichment in dairy drinks
MTM® N 80 18 M GER stirred yoghurt
MTM® M 481 18 M GER especially for high-protein and low-fat, fruit yoghurt, drinking yoghurt and stirred yoghurt
MTM® W 260 18 M GER especially for yoghurt drinks
MTM® OL 100 12 M GER especially for greek-style yoghurt, suitable for low-fat and stirred yoghurt
MTM® T 80 18 M GER stirred yoghurt, protein-enriched beverages
MTM® TJO 700 18 M GER drinking yoghurt, protein-enriched beverages
MTM® TJO 805 18 M GER drinking yoghurt, useable for all protein-enriched products, egg replacement in bakery products
MTM® YO 802 18 M GER especially for set yoghurt
MTM® YO 80-3 18 M GER stirred and set yoghurt, sour cream
MTM® Sport 5 15 M GER high-protein enrichment in all fermented milk products like protein shakes, protein pudding, etc.
Casinella® ME 2 18 M GER especially for stirred yoghurt

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