Whey Protein


Whey Protein

Application: Dairy, Savoury, Meat, Bakery, Nutrition

Beside a nutritionally high-quality protein source our whey protein concentrate also provides an outstanding functionality.

By ultrafiltration of whey proteins followed by spray drying our whey protein concentrate, called GLOBULAL, will be produced.


Characteristics and benefits:

  • Prepared from milk
  • High-value protein source
  • High gelling version available
  • Excellent amino acid profile
  • Free from glycomacropeptid
  • Structure formation during heating
  • Stabilization of dairy products
  • Prevention of syneresis
  • Increased water-binding capacity and prolonged shelf life


Shelf life Origin Characteristics Certification
kosher halal
Globulal® 70 A 18 M GER WPC 70, acidic pH value
Globulal® 70 N 18 M GER WPC 70, neutral pH value
Globulal® 80 N 18 M GER WPC 80
Globulal® 80 HGS 18 M GER WPC 80, high gelling

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